Roz Blades AM

Roz Blades AM


Water is a constant

Rivers are calm when they ebb and flow

Waterfalls, streams, oceans spread over the earth

Touching the banks

Creating forests

Growing the trees and undergrowth that feeds

Wildlife so that conservation continues

Water finds a way through from the baby grass to the parent trees

Nourishing the gem of knowledge

Flowing into stagnant water through nature’s laws and evolution

Water will find a way through difficult terrain

Continuously flowing on unheeded and unended

The flow of the river is an endless ride

Providing hope with clean water to many eons away

Creating waterfalls and the great lades of the world

There is no journeys end

As part of the life of the river as it flows into the great oceans

Brimming with life

Linking us with places of the world

Bringing life like a jeweled light

It is feeling the life and seeing the sun

Because as water flows and finds a way –

It makes us remember that we are all PART OF ONE and that as we flow together

And iso much as the water does

The generosity of spirit and humanity also needs to find a way. 


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