Imran Furkan

Imran Furkan


Commodities in our day to day lives are basic goods and materials that are widely used and are not meaningfully differentiated from one another. Key commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, coal, agricultural products, fertilizers, base metals, and precious metals play a critical part of our daily lives.

However, in a World affected so profoundly by wars- both physical and cyber, disinformation, hatred, and racism- hope has become the world’s most valuable Commodity.

Hope is what makes us wake up every single day with a spring in our steps and go about our daily tasks in anticipation that our efforts today will lead to a better tomorrow for those around us.

Hope makes us try to reconnect with old friends and family with whom we have fallen out.

It is only hope, that keeps those with terminal illness on course with their medication till the very end of their lives and those who require extensive physiotherapy to keep on track with their rehabilitation efforts both physical and mental.

Hope fuels those fighting disinformation that – one day the world will embrace the truth.

Advocates for peace cling on to hope that physical wars will see ceasefires however shaky and eventual permanent peace.

Those faced by hatred have learned to forgive and embrace those that spew hatred towards them because they believe with awareness and the fullness of time that people do change their inappropriate behaviours.

Racism has engulfed society towards like no time since the end of World War 2. Yet, there are many who hold their heads high despite being subjected to horrific racism daily. They have hope that basic humanity eventually emerges even in the worst racist and they will correct the errors of their ways.

Hope powers our every dream be it overcoming challenges in work or our personal lives.

With out hope- humanity will simply give up in the face of the slightest changes.

This in turn makes – Hope: The World’s most valuable Commodity!