Mevlid Osmanovic

Mevlid Osmanovic


In the vast expanse of life’s journey, every dawn brings with it a promise of renewal and endless possibilities.  No matter how dark the night may seem, the sun always rises, painting the world with light and warmth.  This cycle reminds us that hope is ever-present, even in the most challenging times. 

Wherever I went, I carried my faith with me, or perhaps my faith carried me to where I was meant to be.  From a very young age, I embraced the practices of prayer and observing Ramadan, two of the five pillars of Islam that require the most dedication.

Prayer the five daily obligatory prayers in Islam demands persistence and renunciation, keeping us constantly connected to the Divine power.  Fasting from dawn to sunset during Ramadan, abstaining from food, drink, and other pleasures, enables us to endure life’s hardships more easily and deepens our empathy for other’s sufferings.

I was born in former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Herzegovina, a multicultural and multi-religious state.  For most of the time, Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony, though there were periods of turmoil fueled by nationalistic and hegemonistic aspirations against Muslims, the minority in the region.

Specifically, I was born and raised in Srebrenica, a town where genocide was committed against my fellow citizens in 1995.  I survived and soon after moved to Melbourne.  Despite the atrocities, I never harboured hatred or avoided the perpetrators based on their religion or ethnicity.

Our different ethnicities and religions are our strengths and advantages, not weaknesses.  The Almighty made us diverse so we could learn from and not hate one another.  A strong bond with God helps us better understand and love those around us.

Our past sufferings should not prevent us from living in peace and harmony in beautiful countries like Australia and in multicultural, multilingual, and multi-religious places like Dandenong.  By meeting and learning about each other, we can resolve disputes and break down stereotypes and prejudices, preventing larger conflicts such a war or genocide. 

Hold on to your dreams, nurture them with faith, and watch as they blossom into reality.  The future is a canvas awaiting your unique touch – paint it with colours of hope, love and persistence. 

Mevlid Osmanovic


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