Grace Matsya Devi Dasi

Grace Matsya Devi Dasi

Hare Krishna Melbourne (ISKCON) Temple


Whatever the activities we do, we’re all hoping for happiness. None of us are looking for distress or sadness, but it’s coming to all of us. Hence any intelligent one can understand that regardless of what we expect, our quota of happiness and distress will come along. For generations man had made great progress in the advancement of physical comforts and the intelligence quotient (IQ). Modern society is discovering that, for complete life of satisfaction and joy, human beings must also develop their emotional quotient (EQ) and spiritual quotient (SQ). WHO declares that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease infirmity”. “Today the spiritual dimension of health is increasingly recognized”.

Parents feel, “they want to give their child the best of everything”, yet despite their best efforts many parents are pained to see their children succumb to stress, depression, violence and even suicide. Even though, the parents have the best interest in their children, not that they have the best knowledge for their kids.

In human society, almost all of us have very little knowledge of spirit soul and wrong conception of life for we identify us with the gross and subtle material bodies, which they’re not in fact. They may be situated in different high and low positions in the estimation of human society, living under constant pressure for performance in academics, sports, competitions, etc.

The goal of the human form of life is to become fully self-realized.” There is nothing more important than this. Indeed, this should be the one goal of everyone’s life. Without it there is no question of genuine happiness. As long as our happiness is based on a false bodily conception of who we are we can never fully be satisfied. Self-realization means to realize the eternal spiritual being who we really are, who is the Supreme Self, and what is our relationship with the Supreme Self. By careful research of the vast treasure house of ancient Vedic wisdom supported by thoughtful philosophical analysis, we can see very clearly that the Supreme Self is Lord Krishna and that we are His eternal servants as part of Him.

Our bodily parts, by serving the real self’s demands becoming healthier and happier, similarly, we’re part and parcels of the Supreme God, by serving Him, we can attain our eternal nature of bliss with full knowledge! 

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