Mr Knowles Tivendale

Mr Knowles Tivendale


People are happiest when we share. As a species we have spent 200,000 years sharing food, provisions, tools, experiences and knowledge. Sharing generates deep understanding between individuals and within communities.

Sharing of wisdom, scarce resources and tools builds respect and reciprocity. Sharing with others and paying it forward encourages others to do the same and generates reinforcing positive experiences amongst our community.

In its purest form sharing is altruistic with no thought of payback or receiving something in return. Donations of goods or money, lending tools, paying tax, sharing vehicles, street libraries and volunteering are all great examples of sharing that can improve your own health, outlook and sense of connection with those around you.

When we are born, Mother Nature owes us nothing. Many people strive to amass a set of possessions. Much of this process has significant impacts on the environment with minimal benefit to the individual (and even then for just a moment in time). This focus on gaining more stuff than other people undermines our own mental health. You will never have more than others, and you can never achieve that goal.

People with moderate means, living in more equitable societies are significantly happier than those who have more stuff and do not share it. The world over, countries with higher tax rates tend to be happier, because the higher the tax paid the more services the government can provide to the population for free.

The most efficient and happy societies share more. They pool their resources and share possessions, thereby maximising their utility and the service they can provide. By doing this they create respect, understanding and deep connections across their community.

We live for a very small amount of time. We cannot take our possessions with us. Those who share during their life, leave the biggest legacy. Sharing is a foundation of our highly successful indigenous culture, and key to our survival in future. Sharing with nature is just as important as sharing with community.

Mother Nature is the most powerful force. She demands that we share. Failure to share leads to over-consumption, climate decay, individual jealousy, feelings of inadequacy (particularly for those that do not share), loss of belonging, reduced health, inefficient economies, and wars between countries.

Sharing is the single most rewarding thing you can do each day, week and year that you are alive.


Mr Knowles Tivendale

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