Reverend Matsya Devi Dasi

Reverend Matsya Devi Dasi

Hare Krishna Melbourne (ISKCON) Temple


Obtaining wisdom demands a great deal of attention, care and elimination of all misconceptions. The human who is searching for the permanent and the real will find it; not the one who is after the temporal. Progress is not possible for one who is enclosed in a narrow minded cause.

The removal of any lower plane of consciousness is possible by rising up step by step from the plane of the senses, to the mental, intellectual and at least to the plane of the soul. The intellectual is a very helpful plane meant to eliminate all misconceptions for it involves intelligence rather than flickering emotions. A good intellect can discriminate between reality and shadow. The plane of the soul is a total elimination of all misconceptions, which is the pure version of self.

The purpose of religion is to understand & learn to love God. To say that every religion has a different truth is like saying that humans are warmed by different suns. In different languages, the names of the sun may differ, but the sun is the same. So there is but one truth. Looking at these points of unity, it may be said that there is but one religion. As I mentioned above, our beliefs can be several according to our misconceptions.

Affection stands as a direct motivation to act. The impetus that drives human to work hard to achieve something is the pleasure derived from it. It is a fundamental feeling that provides a source of happiness. One can be driven by affection for one’s spouse and children, one’s pet, touched by the miseries of others, one’s country, etc. The basic principle of living condition is that everyone has general propensity to be attached to someone or something. No one can live without having affection. This propensity is present in every living being. In the primary stage, a child loves her/his parents, then brothers and sisters. As the child grows up, begins to love her/his family, society and community but one’s loving propensity is not satisfied. That loving propensity remains imperfect until s/he knows God and reposes affection towards Him.

God bestows the greatest joy to the one, who repeatedly thinks, serves, worships and acts for Him. The outcome of having God as the highest object of human pursuit is fortune, prosperity, full knowledge and eternal bliss. This is available to anyone who searches for Him!