Becoming a Member of the Interfaith Network, City of Greater Dandenong

IFN Membership is open to individuals and organisations that align and support our vision and values. 

IFN Membership is free, and the benefits of Membership include: 

  • Being part of an organisation and wider community that promotes peace, harmony, respect, social justice, understanding and inclusivity of all people.
  • Opportunities to attend events and activities throughout the year that promote and support our vision of ‘Many Faiths, One People’ including the Annual Signing of the Common Statement.
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the IFN, ensuring that such opportunities align to your strengths and areas of interest for growth and development whilst making a positive contribution to the lives of others and the community.
  • Having access to useful resources, information and tools that support your work and your service to others.
  • A copy of the ‘Many Faiths, One People’, soft copy Book, Bookmark and Tote Bag.
  • A Certificate of Membership with the Interfaith Network.

If you would like to apply for IFN Membership please click here for a copy of Our IFN Membership Application Form for you to complete, sign and return to

Your application for Membership will be considered by the Executive Committee and thereafter you will be contacted by an Executive Committee Member and, or the Executive Officer.

We look forward to receiving your Membership Application Form and welcoming you as a Member!

IFN Welcomes New Members!

IFN President, Anita Davine, met with Venerable Pannasobhana Thero in our office and was delighted to welcome him as the Interfaith Network’s newest member.  Venerable was happy to sign the Common Statement on the Application for Membership form and is willing to be involved alongside the many faithful members, each contributing to bringing peace within our community.

Keeping Your Membership Information Up to Date!

The Interfaith Network is committed to ensuring that the Membership Information we collect, store and use to promote upcoming events, and, or provide general updates to our members remains current and is in line with relevant State and Federal Privacy Requirements.

On an annual basis, the IFN Staffing Team will email members the IFN Membership Contact Information Renewal Form for completion.

In addition to the annual request, members are also encouraged to complete and return this Form anytime that your contact information changes.

IFN thanks you for your support in helping us keep our membership information up to date!

Please click here to access the IFN Membership Contact Information Form and for further information please contact Lilian Poke, via