Lilian Poke

Lilian Poke

Secretary IFN

No, I’m not a 2-year-old stamping my feet refusing to comply with my parents’ wishes.  I’m an adult and as adults there are things we don’t want to do … it could be as simple as putting the rubbish bins out, washing the car or attending to the ironing.  These sound trivial issues compared to what is happening in our lives, our community and our world.  It’s when I think of the serious issues I find myself saying “I don’t want to”.  I don’t want to face one single day without communicating with my God.  I need this relationship, I need the presence of God in my life – then I can face the new day.

To commence each day with my God, taking time to consider his character, the truth found in his word, to reflect on his involvement in mine and others’ lives and to drink in the love he has for all mankind including you and me – it is with these truths that I find my heart and mind’s focus is in place to step out and face a brand-new day with whatever challenges it brings.  We all know life throws challenges at us.  Whatever life’s challenges maybe our faith is paramount and to daily come before our God gives us renewal. 

Sometimes we may feel vulnerable, we will find strength; we may be struggling and feeling weak, he gives us his strength; we may be experiencing confusion and not knowing the next step to take, he offers his wisdom; how about the feeling of sadness and/or loneliness – he is present just for you and me.  In acknowledging our need of God, we receive his goodness and his mercy flows through us. 

Let us be men and women who recognise we don’t want to face another day without our faith renewed every morning; we don’t want to face another day without the presence of our God and the assurance we are not alone. 

No, I certainly don’t want to face one day without my God. 


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