Anita Davine

Anita Davine

President of Interfaith Network


Living in and with hope is today’s challenge for our communities that are faced with sometimes overwhelming hardships.  Let us, together, given our gifts and talents, faith, hope and love forge a better future for ourselves and the world community in a true spirit of service, openness and humility for the greater good of all.

The Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong believes that peace, harmony and understanding should be within the reach of all people of faith…and none.  Our values are encompassed within the acronym ‘HEARTBEAT’ which we believe can be adopted by all people of good will.

Harmony                       living together in peace

Empowerment             working together to bring peace, harmony and understanding

Audacity                       the boldness to inspire others to join in a spiritual journey.

Respect                         considering and valuing every voice

Transformative             creating change to make a positive difference

Belonging                      committing oneself in a common purpose

Equal                             valuing each other in mutual friendship

Acceptance                   trusting others in the spirit of goodwill

Trusted                          having integrity in thought, word and deed


May we all strive together to live with this ‘Heartbeat’ and engender hope within all our individual, family and community endeavours.