Ursula Aruma

Ursula Aruma

Sri Sathya Sai Organisation


Message of Hope is always a good time to remind people that renunciation – in many areas of life, has benefits for the mind, body, the health and for reaching the objectives of life.

God is the source of prosperity and power.  But man ignores God who is the very basis of his life and his mind becomes a bundle of worldly and never-ending desires.  He is only interested in grabbing and grasping and full of extrovert qualities resulting in the promotion of hatred, envy, greed, and jealousy.

On the journey of spiritual progress, it is vital to perform one’s duties with a spirit of dedication and devotion to God. This in turn will reward man with divine qualities of love and compassion and an urge to serve the less fortunate.  His mind is free from mental worries and he can live a life of peace and harmony.

Sacrificing some things in life, instead of pursuing material comforts.  Also offering the sacrifices we make with divine attributes, so that it will be beneficial for our spiritual upliftment. We must try ceaselessly to tread this path and reach the goal, by performing one’s duty and action without interest in the fruits of action.  It does not mean that the doer has no right for the fruit, the doer has a right for the fruit but he should not selfishly desire the fruit.  The results that the deed yields should be considered instead.

The best way to follow the path of renunciation is to keep the company of good and godly, and performing all actions with a pure heart.

Be good in character, that you will make you immaculate before the public.


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