Our Executive Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee are:

  • Describing the vision and values
  • Setting direction and strategy
  • Ensuring the necessary resources
  • Providing oversight
  • Board operations and the
  • Appointment of the Executive Officer.

The Interfaith Committee is a highly skilled, experienced Committee motivated and committed to ensuring exceptional governance whilst ensuring that the vision and values of the organization is at the ‘heart’ of all we do and promote.

For further information about the Committee, please contact the Executive Officer, Livia Carusi, via executive@interfaithnetwork.org.au 

Our Executive Committee Members

Anita Davine


Anita comes from a 45-year education background.  Since retiring from teaching, she has become involved with the Interfaith Network of Greater City of Dandenong, Stillness Meditation Therapy and involvement on local and international levels with Ignatian Spirituality.  She is happily married with a married daughter.  Anita comes from a Christian/Catholic background.

Roz Blades AM

Vice President

(Resigned July 2024)

Roz has been involved in community programmes for about 40 years. Elected to Springvale Council in 1987, took an active interest in the Interfaith Network in 1988 as a jewish councillor. Elected to Greater Dandenong Council in 1997. Mayor of Springvale/Greater Dandenong four times. She is highly knowledgeable about multicultural and interfaith communities. Roz is the current Vice President and Jewish Representative on the Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network Committee.

Philip Wong


Philip has been an accountant and small business advisor to small-medium enterprises for over 20 years. He has also taught bookkeeping and accounting at TAFE, with his experiences leading to his passion for education and mentoring.

Imran Furkan

Executive Member

Imran Furkan FCPA (Aus), FCMA (U.K), CGMA (GLOBAL), MBA (AUS), BA (Hons) (U.K) CEO- Tresync, Australia.

Imran advises Boards and CEOs on Personal Leadership, Strategy as well as Geo Political and Technology Risk Management. Imran is passionate about one thing – fostering collaboration. Connecting people,communities and businesses together, fostering industry partnerships, and advising on macro socio-economic technological strategy. This is evidenced by his achievements in Senior management and Board Directorship roles in industries such as Regulatory and Industry Bodies, IT/GBS, Finance, Commodities, Media, NGOs and Professional Services in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Venerable Bodhicitta

Executive Member

The Venerable Bodhicitta is a Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist nun based in Melbourne. Ven Bodhicitta is the Spiritual Director of International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness Inc in Victoria, Abbot of “Nisala Arana” Buddhist monastery in Agalawatta, Sri Lanka and the Buddhist Chaplain at RMIT University, Melbourne.

She has conducted numerous meditation retreats, Lecturers, Dhamma talks and discussions in Australia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. She is a renowned meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience. Venerable Bodhicitta is the founder and the Spiritual Director of the International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness Inc in Victoria, a first by a Sri Lankan Theravada Bhikkhui. She has also founded the “Nisala Arana” Nuns Forest Monastery and Retreat Centre in Sri Lanka.

Mehtap Williams

Executive Member

Mehtap Williams is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning community services, banking, and information technology. Committed to lifelong learning and societal betterment,

Driven by her personal experiences, Mehtap’s commitment to fostering interfaith understanding is deeply rooted. Her marriage to a Christian husband while being a devout Muslim herself has ignited her passion for promoting dialogue and cooperation among different faith communities. This personal journey inspired her to join the Interfaith Network, where she actively participates in initiatives aimed at bridging religious divides and promoting mutual respect and understanding.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Mehtap actively engages in discussions on global politics, volunteers at community events, and enjoys exploring different cultures through travel. Her career journey includes roles such as ASRC Centre Coordinator, Freelance NAATI Accredited Professional Translator & Interpreter, and positions in organizations like AMES and Brotherhood of St Laurence and Berry Street. Mehtap’s unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on society drives her to continually seek opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Rev Fr Jean Mawal

Executive Member

Rev Fr Jean Mawal is currently serving as Parish Priest of St Paul’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Dandenong and has been involved in the IFN for almost a decade. Fr Jean is a family man with three children, who together, live to serve the growing community within the parish and its surrounds. Fr Jean served as the previous president of the IFN and continues to serve on the executive team striving to fulfill its important mission in our sacred community of Dandenong.

Venerable Pannasobhana Thero

Executive Member

Venerable Pannasobhana Thero, an Australian Sri Lankan monk, transitioned from a successful career as a doctor and medical administrator to chaplaincy and religious ministerial services in Australia. With a profound dedication to empathetic support and care, he has served in hospitals, educational institutions, and community settings, providing compassionate assistance and guidance. Thero excels in establishing meaningful connections and addressing the emotional and personal needs of diverse demographics, leveraging his extensive medical knowledge, counselling skills, and deep understanding of spiritual care.

Committed to promoting individual welfare through understanding, advocacy, and comprehensive support, Thero’s work ensures that individuals receive both emotional support and spiritual guidance creating a balanced and nurturing environment conducive to healing and growth.

Fluent in English and several other languages, Venerable Pannasobhana Thero has travelled to over fifty countries, dedicating his time to learning, teaching, sharing, and practicing. He inspires and encourages the discerning individuals to engage in meditation for ongoing spiritual exploration and development, benefiting both individuals and the broader community for the betterment of the world.

Interfaith Network Staffing Team

Together, the IFN Staffing Team supports the Executive Committee, Faith Leaders, the City of Greater Dandenong, IFN friends, supporters and other stakeholders committed to our shared vision of ‘Many Faiths, One People’.

The Interfaith Network office hours are Monday – Wednesday, from 8.00am – 5.00pm.

Our office is located at Level 1, 39 Clow Street, Dandenong VIC 3175.

The email contact details of our Staffing Team are:

 Livia Carusi, Executive Officer, Interim Executive Committee Secretary, executive@interfaithnetwork.org.au

 Paris Sard, Community Education Officer, education@interfaithnetwork.org.au

 Lilian Poke, Administration Officer, administration@interfaithnetwork.org.au

Interfaith Network, City of Greater Dandenong – Our IFN Team!

Anita Davine, IFN Executive Committee President, July 2024 


The Executive Committee of the Interfaith Network, City of Greater Dandenong is delighted to announce their Network Staffing Team.

IFN President Anita Davine, is delighted to announce Paris Sard as our new Community Education Officer. ‘Paris Sard joins the team with energy, passion for impactful leadership, working within communities and alongside others in making a real difference’, Anita said.

Alongside Paris Sard, is our Executive Officer, Livia Carusi and our Administration Officer, Lilian Poke who together support and work alongside the IFN Committee, Faith Leaders, the City of Greater Dandenong, and other key stakeholders within our community in realizing the shared vision of ‘Many Faiths, One People’

As President, I would like to thank those who lay the foundations for the Interfaith Network in 1989 and enabled it to continue with commitment to the present day.  I am excited about what lies ahead for the Interfaith Network, and the renewed energy within the Interfaith Network.

Liv Carusi

Executive Officer

Liv has been part of the community services sector, primarily in homelessness, for almost three decades.  She has undertaken positions including directly assisting people experiencing homelessness, human rights and advocacy, social and public policy reform as well as senior management positions. 

She holds formal qualifications in political science, sociology, urban research, and a master’s in public policy.  She has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Theology with a focus on Social Justice. 

She has a deep interest and passion in social justice and believes firmly that through connections, understanding and collaboration, we can all make a positive difference in the lives of others and community and by doing so enrich our own lives.

Lilian Poke

IFN Administration Officer

Lilian’s work history for many years was in supportive roles in law.  Together with the skills Lilian has gained from her working life and her Christian faith, she is delighted to serve within the Interfaith Network, getting to know and value people from other faiths and working with staff and Executive Committee members to bring people together within the City of Greater Dandenong – “Many Faiths, One People”.

Paris Sard

Community Education Officer

Paris Sard has been actively working in the community for the past eight years, supporting and educating New Muslims. Currently completing a Bachelor of Islamic Studies, she brings a professional background in risk and compliance to her role as Community Education Officer. Her commitment to fostering understanding across different faiths highlights the importance of interfaith dialogue in building inclusive communities.